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Skilled Representation When A Legal Conflict Threatens Your Rights And Finances

Personal and commercial legal conflicts can have a lasting effect on your financial and emotional welfare. Moving quickly to address a dispute can help you limit the impact of a civil or business dispute. Contact me, attorney Debra L. Ackerman, to get the efficient and effective legal representation you need.

I understand that it may be easier to ignore a contentious legal problem at first, but delaying action may allow complications to develop. It doesn’t take long for a relatively straightforward issue to become expensive to resolve. When you hire me, I will use decades of legal know-how to get to the heart of the conflict and identify a path forward.

Uncertain of your options? Consult with me to learn how I can help. You can reach me online or over the phone at 240-551-5553.

Equipped To Resolve A Variety Of Disputes

I have successfully represented clients in and out of court since 1985. As your advocate, I make it my mission to protect your rights and your financial interests. I seek out economical solutions because I want you to be able to put your legal problems behind you as promptly as possible.

I have over 35 years of experience with legal disputes that span from simple mediations to complex business disputes. Business owners and residents throughout Montgomery County turn to me for assistance with matters that include:

  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Contract litigation
  • Real estate
  • Debtor/creditor issues
  • Business disputes
  • Business dissolution

Throughout the area, I am known for offering attentive and skilled counsel. I understand how overwhelming and confusing Maryland’s legal process is, which is why I take the time to explain legal procedures to my clients in a straightforward manner. Before we take action, you will be educated on your options and possible outcomes.

Whether you decide to go to trial or resolve your matter out of court, I will fight to get the results you deserve. You can depend on me to handle your case with the professionalism and urgency it requires.

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I offer free phone consultations and in-office consultations at a reasonable rate. Arrange your meeting with a respected lawyer when you complete my online form or call my Rockville office at 240-551-5553.