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On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2022 | Firm News

I often receive calls from individuals, both men and women, who entered into agreements, without being represented by an attorney. The most common reasons provided for doing so are the individual’s desire not to create conflict and to avoid legal fees and litigation. Unfortunately, too often the reality is that the Agreement signed is not only inequitable, but it is often incomplete. the end result is that what the individual was trying to avoid, legal fees and litigation, is now the only means of rectifying and addressing the problems created by the agreement. The end result is often spending more money to fix a problem that would not have existed had the advice of legal counsel been sought from the start.
Please know my law firm has always been a big proponent of negotiating amicable resolutions. Even if you attend mediation, it is advised that you have your own legal counsel to ensure that nothing is missing and that you are being treated in a fair and equitable manner in accordance with your rights in the jurisdiction in which your case will be filed.
Many prospective clients contact my office for the purpose of obtaining a mutual consent divorce. Please remember that a written agreement that resolves all issues is required in order to proceed with a mutual consent divorce.
My law office is here for you. My job is to protect the interests of my clients at a reasonable cost and to make every effort to conclude work in a manner that will keep you from having to spend time in future years returning to the Courts.